A Turkish musicians international success is a big proud for a Turk who lives in a foreign country. This famous pianist was so sensitive that he had left the stage when he heard a cell phone ring during the concert in Istanbul. “Please sir, calm down”

I loved to see this concert definitely in the biggest concert hall in New York.

“Unfortunately all tickets are sold out.” Actually I couldn’t afford it but this city had full of surprise: “My wife couldn’t come. I can give  you her ticket”

And that’s the moment…

While he was playing the piano so beautifully in the excellent acoustic of the hall, a cell phone ring reached to me from one of the irresponsible audiences (can he/she be a Turkish?) . But he…

At the end of the concert, everyone applauded him for standing up as I did. But, I had a question in my mind: “I’m sure he didn’t hear the ringing. If he heard it he would leave the stage immediately, even if here is New York. But is it so important?”